Desert Island Supply Co.

Desert Island Supply Co. is a non-profit creative writing and arts center in Birmingham, Alabama. You can support them by purchasing notebooks, pencils, poetry collections or chapbooks.



Phone: 205-201-0826

Hours: Online Shop: 24/7

Holiday Hours: Curbside Holiday Pop-up: December 12-13, 10am-3pmOnline Shop: 24/7

Instagram: discobirmingham

Facebook: DesertIslandSupplyCo

COVID Shopping Policies: Shoppers masked, Employees masked, Extra cleaning, Sanitizer provided, No inside seating

Favorite Gifts: DISCO Poetry Books, DISCO T-shirts

Favorite stocking stuffers: Imagination Spray, World's Greatest Pencils

Holiday Specials: no

Directions & Parking: street parking and parking lot behind DISCO

Things to Do in the Neighborhood: Thank You Books, Shops at Crestwood

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