Sapere Collection Vintage Rugs

Sapere Collection sources vintage and antique rugs that ship anywhere in the world for free.



Hours: It’s all online! My website is open 24 hrs a day for orders and my email is always open for sourcing requests.

Instagram: saperecollection

COVID Shopping Policies: Employees masked, It’s all online! I do local delivery and installs if requested and I’m always masked

Local Delivery Details: No delivery or shipping charges :) If you live farther away, I’ll ship your rugs to you at no additional cost

Favorite Gifts: My smallest vintage rugs are called ‘yastiks’ which means cushion in Turkish. These rugs (typically 1’5-3’ long) began life years ago as seat cushions on wooden furniture. Over time the backings were removed and the face of the cushion was made into these tiny rugs, full of color and character! It’s really fun to find matching yastiks that may have once been part of an original cushion set (and great for his/her bathrooms!) One of the main things I do is personally source vintage Persian or a Turkish rugs for clients and interior designers. If you’re needing a specific size rug or color for your space and I don’t have it in-house, I can find it for you! Sourcing is incredibly fun for me - I love finding the needle in the bay stack :)

Favorite stocking stuffers: Turkish yastiks of all styles and colors! $125-$135 each

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