Sojourns is a fair trade company that brings baskets, candles, clothing, games, toys, food and more from all over the world. Fair trade means there is no sweatshop labor, child labor or force labor used, and you can depend on safe working conditions and living wages being paid to the artisans.



Phone: 205-323-5680

Hours: M-F 10:30-6 Sat 11-5 Sun 11-3 Private shopping outside of those hours

Instagram: sojournsfairtrade

Facebook: sojourns.birmingham

COVID Shopping Policies: Shoppers masked, Employees masked, Extra cleaning, Sanitizer provided

Favorite Gifts: the beautiful sandalwood platters from Mozambique and our cashmere blankets from Kashmir

Favorite stocking stuffers: coffee samplers, chocolate, global spices

Directions & Parking: parking lot

Things to Do in the Neighborhood: Crestwood Coffee and Crestwood Tavern share the same parking lot as does Thank You Books and Urban Suburban Antiques--park once and visit us all

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