The Cook Store

The Cook Store, located in Mountain Brook Village, sells unique kitchen items, from utensils to cocktail napkins, from pottery to bakeware and cookware. They carry cook-favorite brands like Le Creuset, Corksicle, Chemex and more, and they source pottery from local artisans as well.



Phone: 205-879-5277

Hours: 10am-5pm, Monday-Friday | 10am-4pm, Saturday

Instagram: thecookstore

Facebook: thecookstore

COVID Shopping Policies: Shoppers and employees masked, Extra cleaning, Sanitizer provided, Masks provided

Local Delivery Details: Mountain Brook, Homewood, Vestavia (does not include Liberty Park).

Gift Wrap: Yes, it's free.

Gift Cards: Yes, in-store only (physical certificate or card).

Favorite Gifts: Great local functional pottery & everything for the kitchen - Gadgets | Cookware | Bakeware

Favorite stocking stuffers: Joyce Chen scissors ($35) | e-cloth kitchen towel ($15) | holiday fried pecans ($14) | We are stocking stuffer heaven - lots of great things!

Directions & Parking: Street parking with several 15 minute spots, plus a pick-up only spot!

Things to Do in the Neighborhood: Olexa, Davenport’s pizza, Brick & Tin, a Village full of great shops.

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